Pedigree for High Sign Nugget


High Sign Nugget High Sign High Time High Spot Cherokee A Mansfield's Comanche
Leopard Rose
Tiger Lily Mansfield's Comanche
Speckled Lady
Dallas K.S. Taylor's Sundance Peter K.
Dallas K unknown
Little Naz Red Dog's Cowboy Red Dog Balleymooney
Ribbon G Cowboy
Thompson Mare
Nazy Captain Easy Cowboy
Ginger S
Neola Midnight Jr.
Bubbles By Speed
Hen Penny Top Stuff's Big Mo Top Stuff Top Hat H. Red Senor
Little Star H
String Along Lou Rukin String
Ned's Lou
Triangle's Adoka Ban Cody Joe Cody
Ritzy Joe
Triangle's Blue Ban Chief Bandera
Blue Blazes
Flicka Lady Bird Chief Speckled Byrd Jagady Red Leopard
Dilly A
Balerino Sue unknown
King's Gold Flicka Gold King Day unknown
Quarter Mare unknown



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